3 Upgrades That Will Assist Offer Your Home

As summer goes on, the majority of San Diego residents have already gone about planning their major upgrades and improvements to their home. As they work through the budget they have set aside for their houses, they sometimes find that the money that they’ve set aside isn’t going to cover all of the remodeling projects that they’ve planned. On the other hand, there’s a number of decent ways to give your home a facelift without spending through your budget. These upgrades will add a touch of modern style and won’t cost you tons of money.

#1. Bamboo “Hardwood” Floors

If you love the idea of hardwood floors but aren’t in love with the price tag, one cheaper option that is nonetheless every bit as gorgeous as actual hardwood is bamboo. Not only is bamboo harder, and thus more durable than most standard hardwoods, but it’s beautifully textured and looks every bit the part of a standard hardwood the floor. The thing that makes bamboo cheaper than typical hardwood is the fact that it grows much more quickly and thus can be replenished at a faster rate. If you’ve been eyeing hardwood but have spend through your budget, bamboo might be just the thing you’re looking for to add a little rustic class to your home.

#2. Refacing the Kitchen Cabinets

Those who have begun a remodel on the kitchen know how easy it is to eat through a limited budget. For San Diego residents looking to save a little money on the cabinetry, refacing the cabinets is going to be much cheaper than replacing them entirely. While refacing won’t change the structure of the cabinets themselves, it may give the entire kitchen a new look and feel. For those who have gone through the process of remodeling, refacing may be all that needs to be click here done to update the cabinetry with the rest of the kitchen. Refacing entails focusing on all the outward facing parts of the cabinetry. That includes doors, drawer faces, and the veneer. These are either removed and replaced or removed and refinished depending on what needs to be done. But refacing the cabinets is significantly cheaper than replacing them entirely.

#3. Repurposed Wood

For projects that require lumber, repurposed wood runs a lot cheaper than wood that comes fresh from the lumber yard. It’s also an eco-friendly option and comes with a unique story to tell. Each piece of repurposed wood was part of a church, boat, school, or a some other kind of building, and each piece has found its way into your home. It’s a great way to give your home a little rustic charm at a fraction of the cost of most hardwood.

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